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Asian Market Duck, Halal? And if not how to make it halal?

Unread postby sonomod » Mon Nov 19, 2012 3:40 am

Attempting my first turducken, and the duck is not appreciated by my ex the Crabby Man.

I thought I'd save $10 by buying the duck an Asian market versus a regular food supermarket.

Two problems, 1) the damn bird has its head and feet intact. 2) my ex wont eat the duck meat because its from an Asian market and thus not Halal.

How the hell is most meat from a regular food supermarket Halal?

So I am shitting myself here for two reasons.

I have to remove the head and legs myself. In addition to deboning three birds of different sizes.

He wont eat the duck anyway.


Sorry for the cussing. But I have spent 2 hours cycling around and getting the last of the grocery shopping done with a duck which still has its head, neck and legs attached in my what was a reusable shopping bag.

My blood went straight to my feet the moment I walked out of the Asian market because I was carrying around a dead bird intact.

I am still a bit nausous and lightheaded.

Exille especially, any thoughts?
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